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|{{Color-table|theme=3|title=[[Mathematics: History|The Story of Mathematics]]}}
|{{Color-table|theme=2|title=[[Mathematics: Philosophy|Philosophy of Mathematics]]}}
|{{Color-table|theme=6|title=[[Mathematics: Pedagogy|Teaching of Mathematics]]}}
|{{Color-table|theme=12|title=[[Maths: Curriculum and Syllabus|Curriculum and Syllabus]]}}
|{{Color-table|theme=8|title=[[Maths topics by class|Maths topics by class]]}}
|{{Color-table|theme=9|title=[[Text Books|Textbooks]]}}
|{{Color-table|theme=7|title=[[Maths: Question Papers|Question Bank]]}}
{{Color-box|11|Welcome to the Mathematics Portal|Mathematics is a language - many mathematicians have described the process of mathematics as art and poetry. Bertrand Russell once wrote, “Mathematics possesses not only truth but supreme beauty, a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture, sublimely pure and capable of a stern perfection, such as only the greatest art can show.” Other mathematicians and scientists have often written about the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in explaining the world around. Notwithstanding the poetry and the beauty, a functional knowledge of mathematics and computing is an essential skill for transacting in society.
However, to appreciate the poetry of this language or to transact, one must learn the grammar and acquire the vocabulary. And school mathematics is largely about acquiring the skills to communicate and develop the love for the language. This portal is for students and teachers to engage with this language and build those skills. }}
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|{{Color-box|4|Fun Corner|
Your Phone number will reveal your actual Age. It will take about 15 seconds,read and do it at the same time so that you will not lose the fun.
    Take a look at your last digit of your cell phone number
    Use this figure and multiply by 2
    Then add 5
    And then multiply by 50
    And then add the number 1765
    The last step; with this number, subtract your birth year.
Now you see a three-digit number. The first digit is the last digit of your phone number, the next two digits are your actual age! You can use the attached spreadsheet to solve this and find out why it works!!
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