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{{Color-box|11|Welcome to the Mathematics Portal|Mathematics is a language - many mathematicians have described the process of mathematics as art and poetry. Bertrand Russell once wrote, “Mathematics possesses not only truth but supreme beauty, a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture, sublimely pure and capable of a stern perfection, such as only the greatest art can show.” Other mathematicians and scientists have often written about the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in explaining the world around. Notwithstanding the poetry and the beauty, a functional knowledge of mathematics and computing is an essential skill for transacting in society.
However, to appreciate the poetry of this language or to transact, one must learn the grammar and acquire the vocabulary. And school mathematics is largely about acquiring the skills to communicate and develop the love for the language. This portal is for students and teachers to engage with this language and build those skills. }}
| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=12|title=Lesson of the week}}{{#widget:YouTube|id=LLKFqv71i0s|left}}<br>This is a lesson using Geogebra to demonstrate the construction of a given triangle with perimeter and base value angles.  The first file allows a step by step description of the construction and the second file shows the proof of the construction. 
| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=8|title=Featured web resource}}
| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=8|title=Mathematics pedagogy in schools}}
Education is the making of society.  Education does not merely 'serve' the public, it 'creates' the public. As practitioners, we need to engage with the questions of why, what and how of education. The repository will feature readings on education from different philosophers of education.  Periodically, study circles will be organized based on selected resources. Do access these resources, discuss these in groups in your school or district and share your reflections.
| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=11|title=Curriculum and syllabus}}
#[http://www.ncert.nic.in/new_ncert/ncert/rightside/links/pdf/focus_group/math.pdf National Curricular Framework, 2005  - Position paper on mathematics teaching]
#[http://dsert.kar.nic.in/ncf2005/maths_syllabus.pdf Karnataka Math syllabus]
#[http://www.corestandards.org/wp-content/uploads/Math_Standards1.pdf Common Core Standards followed by the school education system in the US]
#[https://www.nap.edu/read/9822/chapter/6 Strands of mathematical proficiency]
| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=11|title=From the teacher community}}
#[https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/mathssciencestf/%5Bms-stf$20$2774329$27%5D$20MODEL$20FA$20-$201$20SCIENCE$209TH$20STD$202017-18$20%5B$204$20UT$20%5D%7Csort:date/mathssciencestf/xObfGm31eVg/AoXTHoEwAwAJ Science FA-1 activity shared by Syed Akbar Sir, GHS Yalagondapalya]
#[https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/mathssciencestf/alternate$20sources$20of$20energy%7Csort:relevance/mathssciencestf/80fYdOH7nbc/GFo2yLdGBgAJ Presentation on alternate sources of energy shared by Channappa Sir, GJC Devanahalli]
[[Become_a_STF_groups_member|Becoming a member]] <br>
[[See_old_STF_mails|STF Mailing Groups]]<br>
[http://karnatakaeducation.org.in/?q=forum Discussion Forum]<br>
[http://karnatakaeducation.org.in/?q=blog Blogs]<br>
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[[Portal:DIET|Diet Wiki]]<br>
[http://socialsciencedigitalgroup.blogspot.in/?q=blog Social Science Digital Group]<br>
| style="width: 50%;" |{{Color-table|theme=12|title=Current education news}}
# The Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development is planning to build a [http://mhrd.gov.in/ntp/about.html National Teacher Platform] (NTP) for the benefit of Teachers in School, Teacher Educators and Student Teachers in Teacher Education Institutes (TEIs).       
# K Kasturirangan heads [http://deccanherald.com/content/619338/k-kasturirangan-heads-panel-national.html panel] on National Education Policy 
# [http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-opinion/going-back-to-the-basics/article19921292.ece Going back to the basics]  Uma Mahadevan Dasgupta gives an overview on “Learning to Realize Education’s Promise”, the World Bank’s new report that focuses on education. The impact of malnutrition and lack of stimulation in early years on learning and development of an individual, deprivation of a quality learning environment, equity and access issues in the education system are among the concerns discussed by the author in this article.
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