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History of English
Philosophy of the English
Teaching of English

Curriculum and Syllabus

Question Papers

Lesson Plans
Student Materials


What is oxymoron? An Oxymoron is defined as a phrase in which two words of opposite meanings are brought together. Here are some funny oxymorons:

  1. Clearly Misunderstood
  2. Exact Estimate
  3. Small Crowd
  4. Act Naturally
  5. Found Missing
  6. Fully Empty
  7. Pretty Ugly
  8. Seriously Funny
  9. Only Choice
  10. Original Copies
  11. Open Secret
  12. Tragic Comedy
  13. Foolish Wisdom
  14. Liquid Gas

Interesting news

  1. British Council MOOCs - “Understanding IELTS: Techniques for English Language Tests” begin from May 11 and “Exploring English: Language and Culture.” from June 22. See news article
  2. English medium students for SSC exams up by 1.33 lakh

"The sudden rise is due to the success schools started a few years ago where English medium was introduced and the first batch will be taking the SSC exams this year."

Famous Scientists

Robin Williams who died recently acted as a English teacher in the famous movie Dead Poets Society 220px-Robin_Williams_2011a_%282%29.jpg

Events and Happenings



From the forum

Fun corner

Play vocabulary games such as Crossword, Hangman and Anagram games on the link below. Fun Activities Interesting anecdotes


Stories they tell about language

An interesting article by Rama Kant Agnihotri, Professor and Head, Department of Linguistics, University of Delhi.

"The idea that a tongue spoken by a large number of people across a territory is ‘pure’ and therefore must not be changed is wrong"