Properties of Rhombus

From Karnataka Open Educational Resources


  1. To understand about the quadrilateral rhombus.
  2. To deduce the properties of rhombus

Estimated Time

40 minutes

Pre-requisites/ Instructions, prior preparations

Knowledge about parallel lines, diagonals, quadrilaterals and properties of parallelogram.

Materials/Resources needed

Digital : Geogebra application (laptop/computer/ mobile app)

Non-digital : Paper and geometrical tools.

Process (How to do the activity?)

Download this geogebra file from this link.


  1. The teacher can use the Geogebra file to introduce properties of the quadrilateral- Rhombus.
  2. The slider can be used to vary the measurement of side and angle of the rhombus.
  3. Bring student's attention to measurements of sides, angles and diagonals.
Development questions
  1. Identify the type of polygon based on the number of sides.
  2. How are the sides of the quadrilateral related? Identify the parallel lines.
  3. What are the measurements of the sides? How are they related?
  4. What are the measurements of interior angles of the quadrilateral? How are they related?
  5. Identify the diagonals of the quadrilateral.
  6. What is the angle measurement at the intersection of the diagonals?
  7. Does the intersection point of the diagonals divide the diagonals equally?
  8. Does the diagonals bisect the interior angles of the rhombus?
  9. What common properties can you find with quadrilaterals rhombus and parallelogram?
  10. What is the difference between quadrilaterals rhombus and square?

Evaluation at the end of the Activity

  1. Give the properties of the quadrilateral rhombus.
  2. Observe the triangles formed by the two diagonals of the rhombus. How are they related?
  3. Can a rhombus have unequal sides?