Science Exhibition

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Objectives :

  1. Students learn science through experimentation.
  2. Students learn to work together.
  3. Students' presentation and communication skills
  4. Students develop an "interest" in science.
  5. Students learn outside the classroom and from textbooks.
  6. Create avenues for students' interests to serve as a foundation for learning.
  7. Access to a diverse learning environment

Process :

List of working/demonstrating models and experiments

Chemistry :

1. Acid-Base test using litmus paper

2. Oxygen is necessary for fire

3. Types of pollution : Air pollution, Water pollution and Soil pollution

Physics :

1. Solar system

2. Phases of moon

3. Eclipse

4. Day and Night

5. Playing with Shadows

6. Understanding atoms, conductivity, electric current and circuits

7. Designing and making Kaleidoscope


1. Understanding Leaves

2. Human circulatory system

3. Digestive System

4. Plant life cycle

5. Respiratory system