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You will only get STF mails sent AFTER you became a member. However thousands of emails have been sent earlier, which you will not get. Many of these would be very useful for you. To read older mails, click on links given below:

  1. To go the Englishstf groups home page click on!forum/stfenglish
  2. To go the Hindistf groups home page click on!forum/hindistf
  3. To go the HTFKarnataka groups home page click on!forum/htfkarnataka
  4. To go the Kannadastf groups home page click on!forum/kannadastf
  5. To go the Mathssciencestf groups home page click on
  6. To go the Socialsciencestf groups home page click on!forum/socialsciencestf
  7. To go the Urdustf groups home page click on!forum/urdustf
  8. To go the Karnataka teacher educators groups home page click on!forum/karnataka_teachereducators
  9. To go the Indian teacher educators groups home page click on!forum/indianteachereducators

You will see hundreds/ thousands of emails. When you get time, do browse and read these mails. If you want to look for mails on a particular topic, e.g. 'CCE', you can type CCE in the search bar on the gmail page. You will then get all mails which CCE is mentioned. You can do this for any subject topic as well, such as 'Polygons' or 'Soil and climate'.

The mailing lists given above are for the teachers of the Subject Teacher Forum RMSA, Karnataka to share ideas, teaching-learning resources and other information with each other.