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KOER Mathematics 2014-15

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#[ Agenda of workshop]
#[ List of Participants with contact information]
#<mm>[[File:Maths STF-KOER workshop - Agenda discussions|Flash]]</mm>
==Resources and handouts==
#[ Class 10 Pythagoras Theorem Problems]
#[ Class10 Circles Tangents Problems]
#[ Class10 Circles Chords Problems]
#[ Class10 Zeroes of Polynomials Problems]
===Problem Solving - a framework to discuss problems on KOER===
<mm>[[File:How to provide 'Problems' on|Flash]]</mm>
==See us at the Workshop==
=KOER Workshop 2-August 2014=
[ Agenda of Maths KOER 2 workshop, August 12-14, 2014 at Bangalore Urban DIET]
==Resources and handouts==
#[[Koer_wiki_help | Help on wiki editing]]
#[ Resource Creation tracker - Participant list]
#[[Mathematics_Laboratory | Setting up a Mathematics Laboratory]]
#Discussions on STF and KOER during the workshop
[[File:KOER and STF Maths Aug|Flash]]
==See us at the Workshop==
[[File:KOER maths 2...JPG|400px]]
[ Please click to give your feedback on the KOERworkshop, so that we can improve] ==Way forward and action items== =DRC (KOER) Workshop III February 19,21 2015===Agenda==[ Agenda of DRC - Maths Science KOER 3 workshop, Feb 19-21, 2015 at Bangalore Urban DIET]. This google doc also has a sheet for the status of completion of the maths and science topics on KOER. ==Resources and handouts==#[[Koer_wiki_help | Help on wiki editing]]#[[Resource_Creation_Checklist]]#[ Resource Creation tracker - Participant list]#[ Using spreadsheet for recording, analysing and reporting CCE information]# [ STF Mails - macro analyses for 2011-15, as of Feb 2015] # STF Mails - micro analyses for August 2014 - to provide# Geogebra files shared by Ganesh Shettigar sir - Ganesh Shettigar sir to provide KOER link in different topics# Maths Foundational learning by Jayanti Madam - to provide KOER link# Circle of Influence (Prabhavada Valaya)and circle of concern (Kalaji Valaya){{#widget:Iframe |url= |width=450 |height=360 |border=1 }}   ===STF KOER research FGD Mindmap===[[File:STF-KOER FGD Maths Science|Flash]] ==See us at the Workshop== {{#widget:Picasa | |album=6118651689721087041 |width=300 |height=200 |captions=1 |autoplay=1 |interval=5 }}
#[ Please click to give your feedback on the KOER workshop, so that we can improve]
#[ Please click to see your feedback on the KOER workshop]
==Way forward and action items==

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