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  • Rakesh
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  • Rakesh
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  • #2015 S.S.L.C. Preparatory I series Examination Question Paper shared by Rakesh Jigali, Janata Girls High School Hangal, can be downloaded
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  • ...ons of various tools in the Ubuntu software and got the clarifications. Mr.Rakesh give more informations about the applications of each tool. ...was about how to create gmail accounts and how to attach files to email by Rakesh
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  • Next class was taken by Rakesh sir on e - mail.  It is a tool which can connect human beings world wide o ...r us. After lunch we continued the preparation of lesson plans. After that Rakesh explained how to UBUNTU software. After tea break we all assembled in the m
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  • ...e next session continued with Audacity. The audacity tools &uses taught by Rakesh sir deeply. Then we go for practice.<br> After one session continued by Rakesh sir along with Gopal reddy sir ,vijayarao sir about open shot video editing
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  • ...nts are prepared unit plan with the help of Ranjani madam ,Guru sir,Ashok ,Rakesh and nandish sir. <br> #Rakesh give presentaion on folder creation'
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  • Then R.P. RAKESH sir asked all the participants to come to the lab. He explained how to down ...ntent. Our yesterday's session was started with Email details given by Mr. Rakesh. He explained how to open an Email, how to check the mails and delete unwan
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  • Rakesh
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  • Mr Rakesh from ITFC Bangalore started the training session with Ubuntu Operating Syst The next session Started after lunch break with Rakesh sir about Prepare a document. We learned Prepare a document and insert the
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  • At first 2nd day report was given by Mrs umarani of hyd dist. Then after Mr.Rakesh sir asked us about any doubts in FET.After that we have gone through third ...een save as and export vedio then our hands were on .AFTER LUNCH BREAK Mr. Rakesh sir explained about AUDOCITY. Sir is also explined about how to covert a ve
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  • After that Technical Resource Person Mr. Rakesh assisted us to fill up our personal data forms using Internet and Koer web After lunch Honourable Rakesh Gundari sir started discussion on the following topics -
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  • session of the 1st days training programme taking a cup of tea. Trainer Rakesh and Deepu summarized the whole days programme and we have shared our doubts We would also like to thanks the Resource person Mr Deepu Narayan R,Mr. Rakesh Gundari & Mr. Anil Vibhuthe for their valuable session.
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  • ...d concept note with the proposed activities and objectives is at Annexure. Rakesh, Seema and Ranjani organized and conducted the event. The following is the After the initial preparation, Rajesh, Ranjani and Rakesh had to
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  • ...s practice internet access, downloading, compiling web links and emailing (Rakesh)
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  • # Rating of content : Status by Rakesh - this extension is still not completed for the users https://www.mediawiki #Table creation and looks : Status by Rakesh - now it is easy to create table. after I updated wiki editor
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  • |Guru and Rakesh/Pruthvi |Rakesh and Pruthvi
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