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== TCOL Program ==
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[[Category:TCOL Phase 3]]
[[Category:TCOL Phase 3]]
[[Category:TCOL Phase 3]]
[[Category:TCOL Phase 3]]

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St. Euphrasias Girls High School

School Location Map

School Location Map

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School Profile

St. Euphrasias Girls High School. The school has always put students education as its primary goal that is why we have also provided them with Library, computer labs, Good play ground etc. Recognizing the importance of ICT in education, we have started ICT integrated classes for high school students from this academic year.

Student Strength

Class Medium Girls Boys Total
8th A English 55 0 55
8th B English 54 0 54
8th C English 54 0 54
9th A English 50 0 0
9th B English 51 0 0
9th C English 51 0 51
10th A English 86 0 86
10th B English 89 0 89
Total 490

ಶಿಕ್ಷಕರ ಮಾಹಿತಿ / Teacher Profile





Subject ಬೋಧನಾ ಅನುಭವ

Teaching Experience

Sr.Pauline Pereira HM English
Ms.Habibunisa Begum Subject Teacher Craft
Ms.Radha N R Subject Teacher Kannada
Ms.Sujatha Mariraj Subject Teacher English and Soc.Science
Ms.Lora D'Souza Subject Teacher Soc.Science and English
Ms.Mary Antonite Subject Teacher Chemistry,Biology and Kannada
Ms. Vimala Amalorpavam Subject Teacher Maths,Physics and Chemistry
Ms.Siva Sankari Subject Teacher Maths,Physics and Chemistry
Ms.Jaya Mary.C Subject Teacher Soc.Science and kannada
Ms.Stella Savitha Sequira Physical Education PET
Ms. Geetha Subject Teacher Science 7 years
Ms. Arul Selvi Subject Teacher Mathematics 7 years
Ms. Sandhya C Subject Teacher Computer 9 years
Ms. Swathi Subject Teacher Hindi 13 years

Educational Infrastructure

School photos
School view

TCOL Program