St Anne's Girls High School, Halasuru Module 2 - Co-Creation

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Rapport building and reaffirming our identity and establishing what we do in our work is important to build the connection between facilitator and Kishoris. In this module the way we work is facilitated by co-creating a story using a set of 6 pictures. The group activity will also enable Kishoris to interact with each other and know each other better. It will also give them a chance to work in a cohesive group.


  1. There are student cliques– their dynamics and whether they will be willing to work with other cliques should be understood.
  2. All the Kishoris are not yet confident enough to participate.
  3. Module will be conducted in English.
  4. All the classes have CCTV cameras, so the Kishoris and the facilitators will be conscious.
  5. There are some naughty Kishoris who keep asking smart-alecky questions.
  6. In the previous session, Kishoris have asked, “How do we benefit from this?” and also “How do you benefit from this?”, this might be due to them exposed to other NGOs working with them.


  1. Effectively clarify Kishoris’ questions from previous session regarding IT for Change/ Facilitators and H2HD
  2. Enthuse Kishoris towards the principles that operate on the design of H2HD– participatory ownership building learning processes, co-creation, content driving technologies, autonomy of thought and so on.


Greet Kishoris.

Answer the questions that were asked in the previous session. Their 3 questions are,

  1. How do you benefit from this?
  2. How do we benefit from this?
  3. What do we have to do?

How do you benefit from this? (H2HD)

Our answer:

We have been working with adolescent girls both in rural and urban areas. Over the years, we have seen that adolescence is a crucial age where majority of life altering things are decided. We have seen over the years that autonomy and power over such decisions are not with adolescent girls but with parents or elders at home. We would love to build a dialogue around these issues using various tools and methodologies.

How do we benefit from this? (St. Anne’s Kishoris)

Our answer:

  1. As many shared last week that you are happy to be with us, we will be with you every _____day for another year.
  2. We will become friends.
  3. All of you will become closer and know more about each other
  4. We might together go for an outing.
  5. Not all of you talked last time, all of you will build confidence to speak without hesitation inside and outside School.
  6. Through this programme you will be able to build on your strengths so that it can favourably help you in future.

What do we (Kishoris) have to do?

Trust us and participate equally in co-creating.

Picture story Activity

Give Kishoris pre-cut picture set rolled in rubber band (6 each). The list of pictures of 6 are as follows,

Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4
Moon Laptop Camera Watch
Dog Bucket Chalk piece Pen
Tree Ice candy Peacock Chair
Water glass Cow Bicycle Banana
Sunglasses Cashew Nut Plastic bag Water Bottle
Baby Candle Chilly Road

The images can be sourced from internet or any places. Copyrights should be kept in mind while using them.

Divide the class into group of 4 by counting 1-4. There will be a facilitator in each group. 5 minutes

In the group Facilitator will make 2 sub-groups A and B.

Each sub-group will be given the same set of pictures and a chart. For example if Group 1A gets Set 3 of pictures as mentioned above, Group 1B will also get the same set of pictures. 5 minutes

After this each sub-group will be asked to create a story using the pictures they got. 7 minutes

Halfway through story building the sub-groups in a group will be asked to exchange the charts and work on the

other sub-group’s story. 7 minutes

After this each group will share their story created with the whole class once. 6 minutes

The discussion about the story building activity will be done by asking the Kishoris. “What do you feel about this?” Kishoris will share their experience/opinion. 5 minutes


We end the session by talking about co-creation and end the session.

It will be as follows, “We spoke about co creation last week, the activity you did now demonstrates that phenomenon. All of you have shown or showcased your creativity, different views in creating the stories. If we are able to harness all the creativity then everything is possible. During the course of this year, you will know more about this.”

Materials Required

  1. Pre-printed picture sets – 4
  2. Charts – 4
  3. Fevicol/Fevistick – 4

Facilitators Required - 4

1 main facilitator and 3 more facilitators for group activity


40 minutes


Pre-printed picture sets


Co-created story charts