St Anne's Girls High School, Halasuru Module 4- Vox Populi

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From the beginning of the program we have been talking about co-creation. In the previous sessions we went theough the process of co-creation. Building rapport and getting to know each other is important to build the trust between facilitators and Kishoris. Using fun activities for ice breaking will make Kishoris comfortable with us and also build their excitement to work with us. Audio contents on a simple topic like food can help in visualisation and articulation. Usage of technology will also trigger interests in Kishoris and help them in opening up to us before venturing into serious topics of adolescence.

Facilitator: Karthik

Co-Facilitator: Anusha, Aparna, Shreyas


The students at St.Anne’s are used to the highly disciplined and monitored classes. We have told the Kishoris that we are not their teachers and Hosa Hejje Hosa Dishe is not a typical classroom session. This inherently might have made Kishoris think that they don’t have to maintain discipline that is demanded in the other classes which might be causing the commotion that is been seen in the classroom. Since the amount of time that H2HD team spends in the school is only 40 minutes per week and Kishoris are not used to the type of facilitation that the team is trying to do, building the rapport between facilitators and Kishoris has become challenging.. The school also has to accommodate different co-curricular activities along with the life skills session that the management intends to conduct, hence there is little scope to extend the allotted time. Kishoris also participate in various events and activities happening in the school, making team’s visit to the school irregular. Rapport building has been a slow process in this school due to above mentioned points. It is important to address these along with establishing the norms in the classroom.


  1. Total time available is 40 minutes.
  2. Number of absentees may be more due to holidays during Independence day.
  3. In the last 3 sessions Kishoris have been asked to write something using chart and sketch pen or on paper. They may be thinking in this we would do the same in this session as well.
  4. Activities can’t be done outside the classrooms. Grounds are occupied by one or the other class.
  5. Kishoris found the last module boring because of various components- our silence, facilitator turning into teacher and so on.


  1. To use the Vox pop to trigger a conversation around food.
  2. To use technology which might make them open up in real sense..


The session will start with greetings the Kishoris (by gesturing and by showing cards from the previous session)

Placards of the norms are also shown.

Kishoris are asked to recall what happened in previous session. Assumption is that the Kishoris would tell the points one by one. If they don’t respond Facilitators probe them by telling them, “We started the session by greeting them silently and communicating with placards.”

Few common points that Kishoris wrote in the previous session will be shared in front of everyone and this will be concluded by saying,

“We are happy to know that majority of you wrote about higher studies and working in different settings like doctor, teacher and so on. We wish you all the very best for achieving what you imagined.”

After this the facilitator will ask for 12 volunteers. After choosing the volunteers they will be asked to be seated where they are and told that the instruction will be given later.

A vox pop on food is created by asking, “What is food to you?” to everybody in the office. It will be in different languages and funny songs are also added in between to make it interesting.

Audio of vox pop will be played in front of the Kishoris.

Link for the vox pop

After playing the vox pop Kishoris will be asked to tell their view on the audio.

Following questions can be used as examples “How was it?”,“What did you like in this audio?” There may be question on why this audio was played. Facilitator will tell them to keep listening to the audio and their question will be answered.

12 volunteers are asked to come forward. 4 facilitators will ask, “What is food to you?” in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and English to 3 Kishoris each.

Depending on the time remaining, volunteers will ask the others the same question.

Facilitator will conclude the session by saying the following to reaffirm what do we do in the program and why it was necessary for the team to be silent in the previous session.

“From the of the program we have been talking about co-creation. And we just went through the process of co-creation. From our end we created the audio and you told what is food to you. In this process you got to know little bit about us, and we got to know little bit about you. This is the basic element of the program.”

“Thank you very much for all the volunteers. From past 2 sessions it was chaotic and it resulted in us being silent. Therefore nothing was created. But, thank you all of you for today, because we could co-create something this week.”

Materials Required

  1. Chart with silent messages
  2. Speaker 1
  3. Laptop with audio editing software (audacity)

Facilitators Required – 4

1 main facilitator and 3 facilitators to handle big number of Kishoris and ask the questions to volunteers


40 minutes


  1. Chart with silent messages
  2. Vox pop created on food


Kishoris’ points on food.