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[[Category:Hosa Hejje Hosa Dishe]]
[[Category:Hosa Hejje Hosa Dishe]]
[[Category:St Anne's Girls High School]]

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Building rapport and getting to know each other is important to build the trust between facilitators and Kishoris. Using fun activities for ice breaking and make Kishoris comfortable with us and also build their excitement to work with us.

Facilitator: Aparna

Co-Facilitator: Anusha, Karthik, Shreyas


  1. Total time available is 40 minutes
  2. Module will be conducted in English.
  3. All the classes have CCTV and the facilitators need to get used to that.
  4. There isn’t much information available with us about the school.
  5. Number of Kishoris - 59
  6. Since it is the last period of the day Kishoris might already be tired.
  7. As Sister Wency shared, Kishoris hardly eat, they skip lunch and also resist drinking milk, this might lead to fatigue and in turn disinterest in what we do


  1. To establish what we will do in this project in an attractive manner (our identity)
  2. To build their excitement to work with us every week


Greet the Kishoris.

Flash cards to be used as an introduction activity. Facilitators should start this activity to illustrate how this is to be done. Kishoris will be asked to introduce themselves by saying their name plus what is written in the flash card they picked. Flash cards follow the theme of knowing their favourites. e.g 'Your favourite heroine', 'your favourite song' and so on. The following are the favourites that can be explored. Flash cards should be distributed during facilitator introduction.

Tree Nail polish color Heroine Hero
Dance form Colour Vehicle Subject
Teacher Sweet Song Snack
Female sports person Object at your home Festival Hairstyle
TV programme Drink Film Food from canteen
Fragrance Colour Object in your bag Fruit
Place at home city/town Place to worship Animal
Plant Male sports person Dress Day of the week
Place in school Book Place in Bangalore Bird
Chats Pet animal Ice-cream Sweet
Singer Sports Pickle Season
Flower Place to shop

Time allocated for this - 15 minutes (59 Kishoris plus 4 facilitators)

Once the introductions are over, small groups of Kishoris consisting of 10-12 members will be made. In the small groups, they will discuss the question “What do they think that the girls of their age want to learn?” Time allocated for this - 10 minutes

Kishoris are asked to share the small group discussion items with the whole class. Whatever they tell will be written in front of them on a chart paper.

Time allocated for this - 5 minutes

Sharing from facilitators: Who we are (IT for Change) and what we envision to do (Hosa hejje Hosa Dishe project).

Post sharing, Kishoris will be asked if they have any questions/clarifications and they will be addressed. Time allocated for this - 5 minutes

Sharing from facilitators: Explain what co creation is in a way they understand that the sessions will not be top down monologues but they bring their insights and we bring our expertise to create new learning possibilities.

Time allocated for this -5- minutes

Materials Required

  1. Chits written with different fun questions
  2. Chart
  3. Sketch pen
  4. Double sided tape for sticking the chart on the board or wall