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[[Category:Hosa Hejje Hosa Dishe]]
[[Category:Hosa Hejje Hosa Dishe]]
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From the beginning of the program we have been talking about co-creation. And we just went through the process of co-creation. Building rapport and getting to know each other is important to build the trust between facilitators and Kishoris. Using fun activities for ice breaking and make Kishoris comfortable with us and also build their excitement to work with us. Imagining their future and writing it down afterwards will also enable Kishoris to articulate what they thought.

Facilitator: Anusha

Co-Facilitator:Aparna, Karthik, Shreyas


The students at St.Anne’s are used to the highly disciplined and monitored classes. We have told the Kishoris that we are not their teachers and Hosa Hejje Hosa Dishe is not a typical classroom session. This inherently might have made Kishoris think that they don’t have to maintain discipline that is demanded in the other classes which might be causing the commotion that is been seen in the classroom. Since the amount of time that H2HD team spends in the school is only 40 minutes per week and Kishoris are not used to the type of facilitation that the team is trying to do, building the rapport between facilitators and Kishoris has become challenging.. The school also has to accommodate different co-curricular activities along with the life skills session that the management intends to conduct, hence there is little scope to extend the allotted time. Kishoris also participate in various events and activities happening in the school, making team’s visit to the school irregular. Rapport building has been a slow process in this school due to above mentioned points. It is important to address these along with establishing the norms in the classroom.


  1. Total time 40 minutes.
  2. Can’t take Kishoris outside classroom as there will be one or the other section using the playground.
  3. There are 59 Kishoris.
  4. There is disturbance from other class Kishoris who come and stand near the window and try to talk to Kishoris.
  5. Difficult to take extra time as the other school extra-curricular activities are scheduled after school
  6. Since we are new to the school and the rapport with the school is not built we can show videos but can’t use any other technical equipment.
  7. We need to take control of the class while establishing that it is not a normal class but the discipline should be maintained.
  8. Classroom is small and there isn’t enough space in the class room to make Kishoris move around.


  1. To negotiate with the Kishoris to listen to facilitators and agree and follow the norms.
  2. To counter noise with silence from our side.


The session will start by entering the class and greeting them in silence. Facilitators body language will be happy one and mirroring Kishoris’ emotion, but they will remain silent. After the commotion has died down, The charts will be shown in silent.

Content in the charts will be as following:

  1. Hello all – greetings 1 minute
  2. We have decided to be silent for sometime – why is this, we will tell you later 20 seconds
  3. Last time we agreed we would all follow certain norms, they are – We will not interrupt others while they are speaking, we will not ridicule or make fun of our friends who are speaking, we will lift our hand in case we wish to speak, and we will not disrespect the time we have got together by being distracted or by distracting others, 2.30 minute
  4. Choose one person from each desk, who can get up and share/speak in 2 minutes
  5. Are you done? 1 minute
  6. Each desk representative, share about the last class (recap) one by one
  7. Please share one point each 8.30 minutes
  8. If they dont start speaking, then a chart will be shown which shows how the previous session started.
  9. Shall we start speaking?
  10. But we will become silent if the norms are broken.
  11. Deal?

A conclusion on previous session’s activity will be done by saying “As you saw, each group last week shared a different story and different line up of pictures. Even though the pictures were same in two sub-groups, different stories were thought of. Based on this we can say how creative you all are and how we all co created the picture based stories. We will continue to explore avenues for effective co creation in all our classes/sessions.” 2 minutes After this A4 sheets are distributed and Kishoris are asked to think of the following

“Close your eyes”

“ Just imagine, this is year 2026, if you are 14 or 15 now then you will be 20 or 21, just imagine where you will be, what you will be doing, who is there in your life, how does this future seem to you?”. 5 minutes

After the imagination Kishoris are asked to write about their imagination. 10 minutes

Once the writing is done all the sheets are collected.

Conclusion is done by saying, “We will collate this and bring it next week. It is exciting to think of all the things imagined by all of you.” 5 minutes

Materials Required

  1. Chart with silent messages
  2. A4 sheets - 60

Facilitators Required – 4

1 main facilitator and 3 facilitators to handle big number of Kishoris


40 minutes


  1. Chart with silent messages
  2. Narrative to imagine future


Imagination of Kishoris written in A4 sheets