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Teacher Educator - Communities of Practice' (TE-COP)

During 2013-14, three rounds of workshops with faculty from all CTEs and DIETs across Karnataka was organised to create the Teacher Educators Communities of Practice, (TE-COP). In each round, workshops were held at Bangalore Rural DIET for faculty from Bangalore and Mysore Divisions, Dharwad DIET for Belgaum division faculty and at DIET/CTE Gulbarga for Gulbarga division participants.

In each workshop around 1-2 faculty from each DIET/CTE from institutions in the division participated. Details are provided below, and the workshop agenda, resources/hand-outs are available in the workshop pages provided.

December 2013

  1. Gulbarga Division DIET/CTE Web Based workshop December 2013

November 2013

  1. DIET Web based training / COP Workshop Dharwad DIET November 11-15

October 2013

  1. Web based training 21-25, Bangalore Rural DIET

September 2013

  1. Gulbarga Division DIET/CTE faculty Web based workshop 17-21, DIET Gulbarga (Kamalapur)

July 2013

  1. Workshop for DIET Dharwad on ICTs - Hardware and basic ICT literacy 1-3, Dharwad DIET

June 2013

  1. Teacher Education Events DIET COP KOER Workshop June 2013 in Bangalore and Dharwad