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Teachers Communities of Learning (TCOL)

TCOL aims to bring together the subject teachers working in a block together, through physical interactions supplemented and complemented by virtual interactions. The project aims to:

  1. Support teachers to interact with one another, for peer learning and mentoring, within a 'community of learning '
  2. Support schools and teachers to learn and adopt ICTs in a variety of ways, for both their own development as well as for their teaching-learning processes
  3. Demonstrate a model of ICT integration in teaching-learning
  4. Identify possibilities for systemic reforms and policy
  5. Integrate the above into the curricular and pedagogical processes of the education system.

The project will have two strands of work:

  1. Teacher training workshops anchored in the DIET for a structured course around ICT integration for two identified subjects (to be identified in discussion with the DIET and block administration)
  2. School-based intensive work to demonstrate and train in ICT integration in teaching-learning and administrative processes

South 3 Block Workshops

The block level work attempts to bring together the teachers and head teachers across all the South 3 schools througb workshops and digitally enabled methods to discuss/ learn on the following:

  1. Better teaching-learning practices
  2. Creating a relevant, safe learning space in the school for students
  3. Connecting with the community and focusing on better learning outcomes, adolescent issues and making the school a safe space for the children
  4. Creation of a model block, enabled by ICT integration in classroom and school processes
  5. Bringing together the block as a collective on issues of school development, curricular changes and sharing best practices

Block-level work in 2014-15

Workshops were conducted in Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Kannada. Teachers from the schools were also connected to the state/ district groups for sharing resources and ideas.

May 28, 2014 Head Masters Orientation
June 19, 2014 Mathematics workshop - I
June 23, 2014 Social Science workshop - I
June 26, 2014 Science workshop - I
August 1, 2014 Mathematics workshop - II
August 4-5, 2014 Kannada workshop - I
September 22, 2014 Mathematics workshop - III
December 22,29, 2014 Head Teachers workshop - II

Block-level work in 2015-16

The year started with a head masters' workshop on May 18, 2015. During this workshop, the details of the programme last year were discussed and head masters also shared their ideas for work this year.

For this year, from July - November, the following workshops are planned and the details are below.

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Workshops have been planned for Kannada, Science and Mathematics. Head Masters will also meet periodically.

In addition the following block level workshops/ events will also be planned.

  1. Workshop/orientation on adolescent issues
  2. Block-level events for students and teachers
  3. Online discussion and study groups for teachers

Details of workshops

Details of workshops can be found on the following pages by subject.

  1. Mathematics
  2. Kannada
  3. Science
  4. Social Science
  5. Head Teachers
  6. English

Computer labs in South 3 Block Schools