Teachers Community of Learning Bangalore South Block 3 HMs programme

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The TCOL program attempts to demonstrate how technology can support the improvement of educational outcomes at a school level through a community of learning approach. The program attempts to build communities at multiple levels - within the school, across different subject teachers, and across the schools in the Bengaluru South 3 block.

This is the third phase of the program, working with government aided schools in Bengaluru South 3 block (from 2018-21). The program attempts to expand and deepen the work done in the second phase TCOL from 2014-17 which had focused on government high schools.

The program will work with a sustained focus on teacher professional development, school and classroom processes development as well as on overall school development, which integrates the use of technology in meaningful and sustainable ways. The main approach of the program is to support the development of 'communities of learning' amongst teachers, hence the name 'Teachers Communities of Learning'. The program will work with the HMs of the schools to build the 'School leadership community'. The focus of this component would be

Objectives of the School leadership program for TCOL Phase 3

  1. To support HM capabilities for school development which will include
    1. Support to teachers (academic and administrative)
    2. Strengthening relationships with parents and local community and other stakeholders
    3. Build an inclusive learning environment in the school
    4. Build simple information repositories for decisions support and transparency
  2. To demonstrate methods of T-L that support mathematical thinking and ability
  3. To develop curricular materials on teacher professional development as well as school leadership and development and uploading on KOER
  4. To build a community of learning for sustained and continuous HM professional development through sharing experiences, ideas and best practices

Program strategies

The program will adopt multiple strategies towards the attainment of these objectives. Some of the strategies include:

HM capacity building (blended mode)

  1. HM workshops for learning new ideas and methods in school leadership and development
  2. Supporting HMs to participate, learn share and mentor in online forums - email groups and Telegram groups
  3. Developing school development projects by HMs
  4. Periodic resource sharing with HMs through KOER

School based work

  1. Workshops at school level to evolve and strengthen shared visioning of teachers for the school
  2. Support relationship building amongst teachers, between teachers and community and teachers and students
  3. Working with the ICT lab with educational tools

Learning sharing events

  1. Invited talks by resource persons on school development in collaboration with Vijaya Teachers' College
  2. Seminars and events for reflective writing and sharing by teachers on experiences of school development (including case studies)

TCOL Phase 3 (2018-21)- workshop Details

First HM workshop July 13, 2018