Teachers Community of Learning Bangalore South Block 3 Maths Workshop 2 2016 17

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  1. Sharing the details of work done in schools so far with Class 8 and 9
  2. Reviewing NCERT books and understanding the scope for developing bridge course materials
  3. Use of Geogebra in Class 8 and 9 for building conceptual learning
  4. Formative assessments using technology

Session plan

Day Session Activities and expected outcome
November 8, 2016 Session 1
  1. Introduction
  2. Sharing of school level work so far
  1. Girija and Rekha madam to share about work so far
  2. Sharing expectations from this workshop
Session 2
  1. Using Geogebra for conceptual learning
    1. Files for lines and angles
    2. Introducing triangles
    3. Introducing polygons
    4. Triangle properties
  2. Combining Geogebra with other activities
  1. Creating lesson plans with Geogebra files
  2. Exploring Geogebra for building Geometry skills
Homework Conceptualizing foundational maths program for high school (class 8)
  1. Reading extracts from NCERT books for different math areas
  2. Identifying skills that have to be built in students of class 8
November 9, 2016 Session 1
  1. Demonstration of foundational sequence for arithmetic and algebra
  2. Demosntration of pretests, FA, SA papers
  3. Teachers to review and access the internet for suitable activities/ worksheets
  1. Shared understanding of mathematical competencies to be built and developing materials
Session 2
  1. Further Geogebra explorations for Class 8 and 9 problems
  1. Identifying conceptual gaps and "teaching points"
  2. Creating lesson plans with Geogebra files