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Objectives of the workshop

  1. To get familiarized and encouraged to use a community of learning - for sharing, asking and learning
  2. To strengthen, build capabilities in the use of digital tools and processes
  3. To create resources using Geogebra for specific topics and concepts in Geogebra - theorems, graphs (linear equations), circles, basics of trigonometry
  4. To understand development of lessons using Geogebra
  5. To understand the use of Geogebra in problem solving

Agenda for the workshop

September 6-7, 2018

Time Session name Session details Workshop resources Expected outcomes
Day 1
9.30 – 10.00 Welcome and sharing expectations Sharing expectations for this workshop

Sharing and discussing the agenda of the workshop

Participant handout folder with agenda and workshop circular copy Reinforcing the idea that the learning is a collective responsibility
10.00 – 12.30 Using Geogebra to make sketches for different lessons Making the following sketches:

1. Points, lines, segments  (review from Workshop I)

2. Polygons

3. Circles  (review from Workshop I)

4. Constructions (2 kinds of triangle constructions)

5. Parallel lines

6. Circles (chord, arc, segment)

7. Use of sliders  (review from Workshop I)

8. Use of textbox (review from Workshop I)

Learn Geogebra

Learning to make a drawing using Geogebra

Participants get comfortable in the use of Geogebra and use different tools to make sketches
12.30 – 1.15 Lunch Lunch

Contributing to a problem bank for resource creation (difficult problems/ theorems)

Teachers identify from their textbooks a difficult problem/ theorem Identification of the possible difficult spots in geometry teaching (concepts/ theorems)
1.15 – 2.30 Technology for creating and learning Using text editor (bilingual) for creating mathematics resources Learn Libre Office Participants are able to develop sample mathematics resources using LO
2.30 – 4.00 Developing a lesson using Geogebra and accessing resources from the web 1. Participants pick a Geogebra file from a pool

2.  Develop a transaction plan for the file (in pairs)

3.  Share the lessons in a plenary

Background note on developing lessons using Geogebra Development of a lesson plan that can integrate Geogebra, hands on activities, other web based resources
Home-work reading Angles in a quadrilateral
Day 2
9.30 – 11.00 Geogebra for problem solving Sharing reflections from the homework reading

Exploring the use of Geogebra for illustrating/ solving a problem

Angles in a quadrilateral (English and Kannada) Appreciating the importance of reading as a method of TPD

Appreciating the role of technology to support TPD

11.00 – 12.30 Demonstration of exemplar resources Sharing KOER pages on:

Euclid’s axioms, postulates and theorem

KOER pages – online and offline 1. Particiants explore an exemplar resource to understand how lessons can be done using Geogebra and through combining other resources

2. Participants will have access to resources created before and during the workshop

12.30 – 1.15 Lunch Draw of lots to determine community participation Participants must take turns to share resources, experiences, ideas related to education
1.15 – 2.00 Conceptual learning with Geogebra 1. Using Geogebra to solve/ illustrate the questions from the contributed problem bank

Identifying the key ideas/ conceptual difficulties/ misconceptions in the problem.

2. Using Geogebra to build an interactive lesson that builds conceptual thinking and problem solving skills in students

Learn Geogebra

Learning to make a drawing using Geogebra

1. Particiants explore an exemplar resource to understand how lessons can be done using Geogebra

2. Participants will have access to resources created before and during the workshop

2.00 – 2.30 Inputs for the block program What are the areas to include in the next workshop

What kind of school interventions will be useful

Shared curriculum development
2.30 – 4.00 Practice with Geogebra Individual work on recreating the Geogebra files/ lessons shared on Day 1 Learn Geogebra

Learning to make a drawing using Geogebra

Workshop resources

Mathematics resources

  1. NCERT Maths text books (offline copies available)
  2. NCF 2005 Position Paper on Mathematics Teaching
  3. Adding it up - Strands of Mathematical Proficiency
  4. Geogebra files for relevant topics
  5. Geogebra hands-on activities checklist for Sep workshop.pdf
  6. Plan developed for implementation in BHS school with Geogebra files
  7. Exploration of angles in a quadrilateral
  8. List of useful Mathematics websites
  9. Other mathematics workshops during 2018-19
    1. First workshop August 1-2, 2018
    2. Second workshop, September 6-7, 2018

Digital literacy resources

  1. Basic Digital Literacy
  2. Buy your own laptop
  3. Learn Ubuntu
  4. Learn Firefox
  5. Learn Text Editing
  6. Introduction to internet and web
  7. What are professional learning communities
  8. Building a personal digital library
  9. Learn Gmail
  10. Learn Geogebra
  11. Using technology for teacher professional development

Way forward

  1. One class using Geogebra in all the schools before the exams; please share experiences in the Telegram group
  2. Date of workshop - week of Oct 22 - date will be shared in the Telegram group
  3. Algebra and arithmetic to be discussed in next workshop (addition and subtraction of negative numbers)
  4. Please read the mathematics article and try it out with some students
  5. Manjegowda sir - week of Sep 10; Anitha - Sep 17; Sridhar - week of Sep 24; Manjula - week of Oct 1; Vimala - week of Oct 8; Shanthi - week of Oct 15; Chandrasekhar sir - week of Oct 22; Sowmya - week of Oct 29; Florence - week of Nov 5

Workshop feedback form

Please click this link to fill feedback on the workshop and suggestions on taking it forward.