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ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಿ TCOL Mathematics page

Objectives of the workshop

  • To consolidate the resource creation and sharing activities done during this academic year
  • To explore Geogebra as a resource for supplementing instruction for an exam support/ revision point of view
  • To work with new tools that can support resource creation
  • To ideate and share plans for how the community will learn and share during the next few weeks

Agenda for the workshop

February 15, 2019

Time Session Name Session Details Resources / Methodology of session Expected outcomes
9.30 – 10.00 Registration. Welcome and sharing expectations Sharing expectations for this workshop Sharing and discussing the agenda of the workshop Agenda for workshop  Reinforcing the idea that the learning is a collective responsibility
10.00 – 12:00

(with a tea break in between)

ICT for creating and learning Robo-compass – Construction tool, to construct triangles with given parameters

(Teachers can re-create the files that will be shared with them on triangles construction)

Learn robocompass Group work, demo and hands-on.

Individual hands-on work to develop the robocompass construction files shared

Participants make construction using the robo-compass online tool
12:00-1:30 Demonstration of resources How to combine Geogebra with hands-on writing activities as an exam preparation resource (this is something we will demonstrate and we can suggest we can do it in some schools, if they are interested) Geogebra files shared on KOER page Teachers make use of the files that have already been shared with them on triangles, congruence or axioms and postulates for revision
1:30-2:00 Lunch
2:00-3:00 ICT for connecting and learning Outline a plan for a KOER-Telegram based learning module for sharing resources and learning during April - June. To assess teacher interest.

And way forward

Geogebra files shared KOER page All Geogebra files and lessons by chapter

All chapter worksheets

3:00-4:30 ICT in teaching learning Introduction to 3-D Geometry window. In addition, with the chapter-wise Geogebra files they re-create and revise. We will do a Geogebra skill exercise through a set of sample files we demonstrate. Learn Geogebra

Learning to make a drawing using Geogebra

Teachers will re-create and revise geogebrafiles demonstrated with 3D Geometry window
4.00 - 4.30 Feedback and closing Feedback form Mathematics program page

Workshop resources

Mathematics resources

  1. Robo-compass construction tool
  2. NCERT Maths text books (offline copies available)
  3. NCF 2005 Position Paper on Mathematics Teaching
  4. Adding it up - Strands of Mathematical Proficiency
  5. Plan developed for implementation in BHS school with Geogebra files
  6. Exploration of angles in a quadrilateral
  7. List of useful Mathematics websites
  8. Other mathematics workshops during 2018-19
    1. First workshop August 1-2, 2018
    2. Second workshop, September 6-7, 2018
    3. Third workshop December 6-7, 2018

Digital literacy resources

  1. Learn Robo-compass
  2. Basic Digital Literacy
  3. Buy your own laptop
  4. Learn Ubuntu
  5. Learn Firefox
  6. Learn Text Editing
  7. Introduction to internet and web
  8. What are professional learning communities
  9. Building a personal digital library
  10. Learn Gmail
  11. Learn Geogebra
  12. Using technology for teacher professional development

Way forward

Workshop feedback form

Please click this link to fill feedback on the workshop and suggestions on taking it forward.