Telangana maths workshop1 dec 2015-16

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Objectives of the workshop

The first MRP workshop for Mathematics is being conducted from Dec 8-12, 2015.


  1. Agenda

Participant Profile

  1. Participant Information Form
  2. View the participant information

Day 1

  1. Importance of Free and Open Source Environment
  2. Circulars on adopting Public (Free and Open Source) Software
  3. Ubuntu
  4. Creation of a personal digital library
    1. Internet – a new method of learning
    2. Note_on_Internet_access
    3. How to access the internet
    4. How to create a Personal Digital Library
  5. Using a text editor

Day 2

  1. Emailing
  2. Geogebra
  3. Text editing
  4. Combining images and text

See here for videos on Ubuntu, Libre Office, GIMP, Geogebra

Day 3

  1. Freemind
  2. Handout for Freemind
  3. Geogebra
    1. Conditional display of text
    2. Check boxes for input
    3. Construction of triangles (given 2 sides and angle, given 2 angles and side, given 3 sides)
    4. Construction of quadrilaterals (square, rhombus, parallelogram, give sides and diagonal)
    5. Construction of concurrent lines in a triangle
    6. Construction of Direct Common Tangent
    7. Area tool
    8. Use of input bar
  4. Emailing
  5. Text editing

Day 4

  1. Geogebra
  2. Screencast Recording
  3. Ubuntu Installation
  4. Ubuntu Installation Video

Video on Kalpavriksha installation produced by Balaji Sir, UPS Kondapur

Day 5

  1. Emailing
  2. [Spreadsheets]
  3. Participant feedback form
  4. Combining images and text

Participant Feedback

Click here to give feedback.


  1. Practice Geogebra
  2. Send Emails
  3. Complete resource book translation by district (use Google translate if required)
  4. Identify district lab and plan for training

At Workshop

Workshop photos

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