Toer maths science workshop 1 day wise reports

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Day 1 Report

Day 2 Report

Dated 04.03.2015

Digital content development programme day 2
  Class was started at 9.30 am with discussion & review by Guru sir,

Discussed on "Why public institutions should use public software?  Because public software is a software" by the people, of the people and for the people".  In what way it differs with micro software.  While using the software we should have ethics.  In public software every one can be a part of it.  All act as software developers so,  it will last for ever.
Ubuntu is a operating system and it is a free every one have the freedom to use it.  Richard stallman is the first person who unraveled the software from corporate hands.  Ubuntu is upgraded for every six months.  A G.O. was issued by Govt. of India on application of free software.  Sir said that ours is a "Professional learning community".

Next class was taken by Rakesh sir on e - mail.  It is a tool which can connect human beings world wide on sharing of ideas, concepts and soon with no cost at high school.  He explained attachment of files creating filters and advantages of them.  He out lined about auto signature.

Next class was taken by Ranjani madam on mind map and concept map in detail. She made all of us to participate freely and actively.

Ashok sir described the inserting the image into the mind map and adding colour to any & every part of the mind map. (Style, width, node of background). He also added colour to the class.

Guru sir explained how to export the mind map as JPEG, ODT etc. He also mentioned about the meta data.

A length class was taken by Ranjani madam on Geogebra. She didn't allow us to drink to breathe. She explained sharply now to draw the geometric figure dynamically. She did the magic on screen like an expert magician. All the participants have forgotten their surrounding.

The programme was conducted with home work.

I. Krishnaveni
PGT, BioScience
TS Residential School, Borabanda.

Day 3 Report


  • DAY 3 was started with second days review. The participants had made their opinions in the review
  • 2nd session was started by Ranjani madem,by introducing how to open Phet simulations.
  • Next Ashok sir gave the way to go Phet and also explained with some simulations.
  • Participants practiced the Phet simulations.
  • Mr Rajesh sir explained how to take a screen shot
  • Paticipants had practiced the screen shot.
  • Next session started with maths formula typing.all participantsa also practiced maths formule
  • After lunch Mr Guru sir explained how to correct a text document and how to accept and reject the changes in the text
  • Participants practiced the text document editing.
  • Ranjani Madam explained the lesson plan templet
  • Participants made a discussion and finally Rajendar reddy sir concluded the we have to prepare lesson plan as per textbook.
  • Finally the end session of the day taken by the Rajesh and explained ubuntu instalation.

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Day 4 Report


The workshop started at 9:30 AM with review of day 3rd workshop. After that all the participants were asked to prepare the lesson plans as per template on allocated subject topics. While preparing the lesson plans so many doubts has been cleared by the trainers. And we came to know so many tools which are useful to us. After a tea break Ranjini madam took session on the Geogebra and explained how to use the “slider” in the preparation of various mathematical concepts. That was very useful session for us. After lunch we continued the preparation of lesson plans. After that Rakesh explained how to UBUNTU software. After tea break we all assembled in the meeting all, and some groups presented their incomplete lesson plans. And a useful discussion was conducted on CONCEPTS, OBJECTIVES and PEDAGOGY. With this we concluded the 4th day of workshop successfully.

Day 5 Report

Work shop cum Orientation programme on Development of Digital content using free open software. Dt: 07.03.2015
(03.03.2015 to 07.03.2015) 5th Day Documentaion

Recaptured nicely by Krishna Rao in Telugu Language of Yesterdays workshop.
All the participants contributed the words took place on yesterday's workshop.
Guru Sir explained the need of combination pedagogy, content and digital with Ven diagram.
Ranjini Madam captured the chapters completed in four days workshop.
One and half hour time has given to participants to practice on templates prepared by participants on various lessons of various classes. And clarified doubts by workshop teaching staff.
After the tea break, gathering at hall, participants submitted the templates in a pleasant manner, four on science and two on Mathematics.
A constructive discussion took place on the templates presented among the participants. Some are contributed their ideas to enrich the templates for digital content.
After the Lunch break, participants refined their allotted resource material and submitted to the workshop team.
A review took place on 5 days workshop cum orientation programme on TOER. Ranjini madam suggested that to be aware of context while preparing the resource material.
Guru sir alloted the Home work to the participants to the next workshop, to enlighten the templates and concept mapping in the selected chapters of various classes. And instructed to follow the day-wise improvement by the leaders of the team. While coming to the next workshop all will come along with their efforts made about the template. And take practice on tools.
The feed back has been taken from the partcipants through online.
The workshop has successfully completed by the evening.

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K. Ganesh Kumar, SA, MP UPS, Nandigaon, Mdl: Navipet, Dist: Nizamabad, Mobile No: 9398399099.