Commonwealth of Learning (COL) course, in collaboration with IT for Change

Context of the course

  1. Computing is becoming an increasingly important skill of today‘s world

  2. There are a variety of digital tools that are available for supporting mathematics learning as well as for building computing skills

  3. Mathematics is the subject most feared by students. One reason is the over use of traditional ‘chalk and talk’ pedagogies where student engagement is lesser. There is a  need to move beyond algorithmic understanding to developing mathematical thinking. Possibilities exist in meaningful digital technologies integration.

  4. There is a need for rich and diverse curriculum to develop deeper conceptual understanding of Mathematics

  5. Teachers need to expand their (Pedagogy Content Knowledge) PCK with appropriate integration of technology – "Why teach Mathematics as if computers don‘t exist“.


  1. To create a community of teachers and resource persons, who become experienced in ICT integration in teaching learning, and mutual support group

  2. To create a resource pool on ICT integration in classrooms, who can take the training across to other teachers

  3. To create OER for mathematics (and science) teaching learning which is contextual

  4. To demonstrate an on-line course delivery for CPD for Mathematics teachers

How is the course structured

  1. An online course spread over 4 weeks

  2. Participants will get a certificate upon satisfactory completion of the online module

  3. Participants can complete the course at their own pace within overall time limits

  4. Learning resources include videos, digital artefacts using different educational tools, discussion forums, quizzes,

  5. On a LMS where all resources will be structured and arranged for the teachers to progress through the course