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Discussion forum is a useful method to discuss issues. One important issue for us to discuss is the new Class VIII text books. Since it is new, teachers may want to share their understanding, doubts, issues about sections and seek help of other teachers and diet faculty. I am sharing below mail from Rajesh YN, teacher in Nanjangud and request others to write on this forum, responses to him as well as raise their own questions as well. Please also share your resources, training materials etc since attachments are allowed. Like on email, we can type in ಕನ್ನಡ.

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On Tuesday 26 June 2012 06:35 PM, rajesh yn wrote:
Dear All
I am finding too much of problem in teaching 8th standard mathematics as per the new text book
Few of the things which I find are as follow
1. The main demerit of the textbook is,it fails to draw the attention of the students because of Lack of figures, too much of explanation in the form of theory.  The textbook is not written in language of the children. Even now I feel difficulty in understanding Page 7-8 explanation in Kannada. Somebody please help me.
2. There is a difference between general mathematics and Mathematics as a subject. NCF has clearly mentioned it. But we see plenty of generalised equations in the first part,which, I feel is high for the level of 8th standard. I always feel that, the textbooks should be like that an above average should understand most of it by reading.
3. The idea of playing with numbers, in first chapter is good. But the fun vanishes when more complicated multiplication, division, equations,imagination arise. Most of  the students in the government schools,as I have experienced, lack in basic mathematics. They really feel difficulty in playing the activities suggested.  Instead the teachers can carry out other activities. But still it confuses the students.
4. The government had announced that, CBSE syllabus will be introduced in 8th. But I have attached A file where a chapter from CBSE 8th. Please compare yourselves.There is an integrated approach  which is absent in the textbook.
I am not condemning the textbook. But I was curiously waiting for the book and I am disappointed.
 Waiting for Help!