Modern school systems tend to be large. Whether managed or regulated by the government, the number and variety of schools tends to be huge. Given the imperative of a public schooling system as an instrument towards building democratic society, the administration / leadership / management of schools towards these objectives becomes a critical issue.


While ‘management’ as a subject has largely originated around and from the industrial revolution and has grown in practice and theory more in the business world, attempts to seek its application in government (in the non-profit sectors) have not kept even pace. The education department as a part of the government system itself offers some fascinating possibilities for skillful adaptation of leadership and management principles and tools to governance. E.g. the principles of academic rigor, continuous learning through active reflection, reading and writing would be paramount needs rather than mere action to fulfill ‘mandated’ tasks. The Education department in this sense could be visualized ‘as a ‘learning organization’, ‘leading and managing’ the process of learning in a formal school system and Education administrators could be visualized as potential role models for creating such learning organizations through the spirit of continuous learning.


A critical requirement of such 'learning organization' is spaces or fora for the members of the education system to interact, learn from one another, as well as have access to established knowledge sources in various areas, including that of education leadership and management. Physical spaces, such as meetings, workshops, reviews etc can provide learning opportunities. New ICTs provide opportunities for creating virtual collaborative spaces as well. This site aims to be a one such virtual space for education leaders and managers in Karnataka and to specifically serve the following purposes


  1. provide access to resources in the ELM area, consisting of education perspectives and philosophies as well as experiences from the field, both in India and elsewhere
  2. provide a space for 'sharing' amongst education leaders in Karnataka
  3. provide a space for on-line collaborative projects that can create knowledge in this space through discussions on issues. This can also include even project proposals, reports etc.


For interaction and sharing, the site provides blogs and wikis features. This needs each participant to create a user login.


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