'''Public finance and budget public finance receipts- Activity 1.'''

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Activity - Identifying the receipts in a typical budget of Government of India

Estimated Time

one period

Materials/ Resources needed

News paper articles, videos on budget of Government of India

  1. 2014-15 Budget sources
  2. 2013-14 Budget sources
  3. Article on sources of receipts in 2013 budget

Prerequisites/Instructions, if any

Multimedia resources

Budget 2013-14 India.png

Relevant local connections - people, places and materials

Website interactives/ links

Collect the data of budget of Government of India for a few years. Take the information on receipts and the breakup given by components - tax revenues (and within this direct taxes and indirect taxes), non tax revenues, borrowings and deficit funding


Explore the different components of receipts. Take the percentage analyses provided and discuss the reasons for the share of different components in India. You can also contrast this with the budget of a developed country like USA or Denmark and see the differences in the receipts.

What questions can you ask

  1. If the share of receipts by way of taxes increase and that by borrowings reduce, what would be the possible results?
  2. Why does the Government not increase deficit financing to meet all expenditure needs?

Evaluation – (questions for assessment of the child)

Question Corner

Activity keywords

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