Biogeochemical cycles

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ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಿ

Concept Map



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Notes for teachers

  1. Explain the interdependence of the Plants and Animals
  2. Define bio geo chemical cycles
  3. Differentiate between fixation and recycling
  4. Illustrate between reservoir and exchange pool
  5. Explain
    1. Carbon cycle
    2. Nitrogen cycle
    3. Oxygen cycle
    4. Water cycle
  6. Different Nutrient flows
  7. Differentiate between different bio geo chemical cycles
  8. Importance of various bio geo chemical cycles

for more information refer ecosystem
for information on energy refer [Energy]

Teaching Outlines

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Web Interactives

Multimedia resources

  1. Carbon Cycle
  2. Nitrogen Cycle
  3. Oxygen Cycle
  4. Water Cycle

Project Ideas

  1. Group discussion on symbiosis or inter relation between plants and animals
  2. Pick and speech on bio geo chemical cycle
  3. Seminar on biogeochemical cycle


Evaluation for the concept (for the teacher)

The students have to be introduced to different cycles and their dynamics. It becomes important to take into account various factors which affect the working of these cycles. Also to keep the students glued to the topic we must keep it as real as possible. Many day to day current affairs and disasters are connected to these cycles. Care should be taken so that children understand the basic concepts of these cycles and their value the environment and to the human life.

Fun corner


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