Construction of a kite

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  • Learn steps for constructing a kite with given measures.
  • Estimated Time : 20 minutes.
  • Materials/ Resources needed: Laptop, geogebra file, projector and a pointer.
  • Prerequisites/Instructions, if any:
  1. Students should have prior knowledge about a kite and its properties.
  2. They should know a perpendicular line and its construction.
  3. They should know to construct a line segment of given length by constructing arcs.
  • Multimedia resources: Laptop
  • Website interactives/ links/ / Geogebra Applets: This geogebra file has been done by ITfC-Edu-Team
  • Process:
  1. The teacher can initially have a recaptualation of the concept of a kite and its properties.
  2. Give them measures say, "Construct a kite which has its congruent sides as 4 cm and 6 cm a pair with one of its diagnols measuring 5cm.
  3. Can project the geogebra file and explain the steps of construction for the given measures.
  • Draw a rough small kite labelling with the given measures.
  • Begin with drawing a line segment, the diagnol of a given measure, here 5 cm. label it as AB.
  • Draw a perpendicular bisector to this line segment AB.
  • With A as centre construct an arc with 4cm as radius. Mark the intersecting point of arc with the perpendicular bisector as D. Join AD.
  • With B as centre construct another arc with the same radius 4cm. You get the same point D as point of intersection .
  • Join AD and BD which would measure 4cm each and would become one pair of congruent sides of the kite.
  • Similarly draw arcs on the other side taking radius as 6cm to get other pair of congruent sides.
  • ADBE would be the specified kite.
  • Developmental Questions:
  1. What are the properties of a kite ?
  2. What measures are given for constructing a kite ?
  3. By which given measure can we begin the kite construction ?
  4. What is the angle between the two diagnols in a kite ?
  5. For what purpose are we drawing the perpendicular bisector ?
  6. What is the purpose of drawing an arc ?
  7. What should be measure of the radius of the arc ?
  8. Why should AD and BD be same ?
  • Evaluation:
  1. Check if the constructed kite satisfies all of its properties.
  • Question Corner:

  1. Can you think of any other method of kite construction for the given measures ?