Creating a Professional Learning Community

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This unit will help the DRT to design and create PLCs of teachers in their district. A PLC can be created for each block (in case of High School teachers) and each cluster (for HPS and LPS teachers). The cluster level meeting should be visualized as a PLC meeting.

Unit – 13. How to organize Teachers in "Professional Learning Communities"

Team Leader/s - PRP/ Gurumurthy Kasinathan

Members - Ms. Marzia Ibrahim, Mr. Kotresh, Ms. Gunalakshmi. H and Mr.Suresh B Mugali

Areas requiring attention of DRT’s (for each unit based on the outcomes) and Activities based on the areas

The activities for establishing and maintaining a PLC are listed below. Each is discussed in detail in its own page.

  1. Understanding the need for professional learning communities (PLCs)
  2. How to organize a PLC
  3. How to facilitate spontaneous learning in a PLC
  4. How to facilitate planned learning of PLC members through online / blended courses (Advanced activity, may be taken up later)

Video on PLC

Common Overall Readings

  1. PLC OER Toolkit (written based on the Subject Teacher Forum experience) -
  2. What is a PLC?
  3. PLC activity - Creating text, animation, audio and video resources for ELT

Unit as a graphic

DRT PLC Graphic