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Activity - Discussion on Millenium Development Goals (MDGs)

MDGs are the current global method (a UN project) to bring about human development. The focus is on education, health, women's empowerment etc. The aims, scope and status of MDGs will help get a deeper understanding of human development

Estimated Time

one period

Materials/ Resources needed

Reading materials (including web links mentioned here) as an input to discussions

Prerequisites/Instructions, if any

Allow students to bring up ideas for why India is seen as being 'under developed', and build on them. Encourage debate in the Indian context of MDGs - status of MDG achievement in India. Encourage all students to participate

Multimedia resources

Millenium Development Goals - What are they?

India and MDGs -

Website interactives/ links/ simulations/ Geogebra Applets

Process (How to do the activity)

See the videos. Open ended discussion, with teacher probing and adding ideas and questions

Developmental Questions (What discussion questions)

Evaluation (Questions for assessment of the child)

Question Corner

How has India fared in the achievement of MDGs?

Activity Keywords

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