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ELM can be seen as a set of processes, which is what educational leaders and managers 'do'. This 'ELM as a process' perspective is useful to provide them with a framework of activities/processes to engage with.

Based on an adaptation of the 'Business Management as a process' model, ELM processes can be seen as the following

  1. Visioning
  2. Planning
  3. Organising
  4. Staffing
  5. Facilitating and Monitoring
  6. Assessing and Evaluating

Concept map


These processes are not completely sequential nor are they one-time. While there is an element of sequentiality - planning needs to preceed monitoring, for e.g., these processes also, can operate simultaneously and continuously, for e.g. planning activities are usually carried out every year to prepare the annual work plans, ideally, they may also be revised within the year, to account for changes to context and priorities.