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Activity - Discussion on 12 five year plan

Estimated Time

One period

Materials/ Resources needed

Text materials from weblinks mentioned

Prerequisites/Instructions, if any

Read about the 12 five year plan and its implementation and current status from the web links provided.

Multimedia resources

Slide presentation of Planning Commission of India on 12 five year plan

Relevant local connections - people, places and materials

Website interactives/ links

  4. 12 Plan Approach paper
  5. 12 plan- Economic sectors
  6. 12 plan- Social sectors
  7. Priority areas


Ask students in teams to discuss the points mentioned in the instructions.

  1. Discuss goals,
  2. Priorities

What questions can you ask

  1. How 12 plan is different from previous plans
  2. Which elements are continued to be emphasised in the 12 plan also

Evaluation – (questions for assessment of the child)

Question Corner

Activity keywords

To link back to the concept page Economy_And_Government