Evolution of Life

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Concept Map

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Karnataka state textbook for class 8: Chapter 23-Evolution of life

Additional information

Useful websites

  1. Evolution Wikipedia
  2. Darwin's theory of Evolution
  3. Understanding Evolution
  4. Understanding Evolution 101 Berkley


  1. How evolution works

  1. Theories on the Evolution of Humans

  1. What is the evidence of Evolution

Reference Books

Teaching Outlines

Concept #

Learning objectives

  1. List various evidences supporting evolution
  2. Explain comparative anatomy as evolution
  3. Give examples of vestigial organs in Human body
  4. Define fossils
  5. Learn the different types of fossils and their formation
  6. Explain the dating of fossils
  7. Appreciate the importance of Archaeoptetyx
  8. Explain Paripatus and Dipnoi, the living fossils
  9. Explain the importance of prototheria
  10. Appreciate the fossil evidence
  11. Narrate Geological Time Scale

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