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Sl No Geogebra Applets Description
1 Cartesian System Using this applet, you can find coordinates of different points lying in different quadrants
2 Distance between two points This applet can be used to find distance between two points.
3 Section Formula Using this applet, you can find the coordinates of a point lying between two points. You can also find midpoint of a line segment using this applet
4 Graphing Lines Using this simulation, one can explore the world of lines. Investigate the relationships between linear equations, slope and graphs of lines.
5 Angle Sum property of a Quadrilateral Using this applet, one can understand angle sum property of a quadrilateral along with testing the same for different types of quadrilaterals
6 Area of a Rectangle This applet can be used to find area of a rectangle by counting number of squares inside it. One can also observe how multiplication of two numbers can be used in finding area of a rectangle or square
7 Area of a Square Using this applet, a person can generalize properties of a square.
8 Quadrilateral Formation Using this geogebra applet you can form different quadrilaterals like square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezium, rhombus etc
9 Linear Equation In this applet, by changing the value of coefficients and constants of the linear equation ax + by + c = 0, one can obtain desired equation and examine its representation
10 Solution of a pair of linear equation This applet increases your visualisation about two linear equations, how they behave with each other when two lines can intersect, becomes parallel to each other or are overlapping to one another. Using this applet, one can understand how a line vary when its coefficients and constants change
11 Area of a Triangle Using this applet, concept of collinearity of three points can be understood. Also, one can determine area of a triangle when- i) coordinate of vertices are given or ii) measure of its base and height is given.
12 Angle in the same segment of the circle By using this applet, you can determine the relationship between the angles in the major segment or minor segment of the circle.
13 Tangent and Radius of a Circle This applet gives relation between the radius of a circle and the tangent to the same circle. One can change radius of the circle and see what relation does the tangent have with radius.
14 Angle subtended by a chord at the centre of the circle Using this applet, you can find relation between two equal chords of the same circle.
15 Number of tangents to a circle "This applet helps to know the number of tangents that can be drawn from a single point

i) lying outside the circle ii) lying on the circle iii) lying inside the circle"

16 Length of a Tangent "Using this applet one can:

i) find relation between the tangents drawn from the same point lying outside the circle. ii) find relation between the tangent and radius of the circle."

17 Angle subtended by an arc of circle This geogebra applet helps to investigate what relation does the angle subtended by an arc at center of the circle have when the same arc subtend an angle at any point on the circumference of the circle.
18 Pyramid Using this applet, one can identify different types of pyramids.
19 Prism Using this applet, one can identify different types of prisms.