Gravitation Activity 1

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Activity No # 1 - The various forces we see

Estimated Time

30 minutes

Materials/ Resources needed

The following pictures have been sourced from the NCERT Class 7 textbook.

Prerequisites/Instructions, if any

Process (How to do the activity)

  1. This is in the form of a discussion
  2. Students explore words like force, push, pull, contact, distance, etc
  3. Let the students look at the picture and describe the force and the effect

Developmental Questions (What discussion questions)

  1. What do we mean when we say force?
  2. What does it do? (Produces an acceleration/ change in state - they can start with push and pull)
  3. For force to be there, do I have to touch? (Contact)
  4. When have you seen non-contact forces? (Electric shock, magnetism)
  5. Force can act at a distance; it is called field

Evaluation (Questions for assessment of the child)

  1. How will you define the field of a force?
  2. Does the field have a definite size?