Gravitation Activity 4 An example of force at a distance

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Activity No #4 Why do objects feel heavy

  • Estimated Time - 30 minutes
  • Materials/ Resources needed
  1. A piece of iron
  2. A piece of wood
  3. A ball of yarn or cotton
  • Prerequisites/Instructions, if any
  • Multimedia resources
  • Website interactives/ links/ simulations
  • Process (How to do the activity)
  1. Hold each object in your palm
  2. What do you feel when you hold each one of them (ask them to answer as light--->heavy)
  • Developmental Questions (What discussion questions)
  1. Is there a difference when you hold each of them?
  2. Is this due to inertia? Am I changing anything when I am holding?
  3. If I stop holding, what happens? Will it fall?
  4. Have you ever seen something fallen from a height - or even a fruit from a tree?
  5. If it is changing its position and moving (falling) there must be a force?
  6. Where do you think the force is coming from?
  7. Is it possible that forces can also act without touching?