Human Rights

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Brief introduction to the topic

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. They apply regardless of where you are from, what you believe or how you choose to live your life. This is a very important topic in Political Science as it teaches students the evolution of human rights and what are the rights guaranteed to every human.


This chapter is called "Human rights" and is the third chapter in the Political science part of the 8th grade Social Science text book.

Additional resources

This video can be showed to the students as it provides a simple and basic definition of human rights along with some historical context.

This document provides a lot of information on human rights and has questions that can be used for assessments. Human Rights Scheduled castes Scheduled tribes Backward castes

This list of websites all refer to the Commissions mentioned in the chapter. The About Us sections give a lot of insight into the topics as well.

Project ideas

Students can research on human rights violations in groups. They can make presentations on a certain incident on how it was a violation of human rights and how such incidents can be prevented in groups.