Identifying quadrilaterals

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This is an exploration into quadrilaterals. A specific type of quadrilateral can be selected with the check boxes, and any blue dots on each quadrilateral can be dragged to change the shape.


Identification of various types of quadrilaterals

Estimated Time

40 minutes

Prerequisites/Instructions, prior preparations, if any

Polygons and its elements should have been taught.

Materials/ Resources needed

Digital: Computer, geogebra application, projector.

Non-digital: Flash cards of different plane figures , blank paper, Scale, colored pencils

Geogebra files: Quadrilaterals

Download this geogebra file from this link.

Process (How to do the activity)

  1. Keep ready flash cards of different plane figures.
  2. Can give 1 set to a group of 5 children.
  3. Ask students to observe the plane figures individually.
  4. Let them use their own sorting method and sort the figures by making columns and drawing on a sheet of paper.
  5. Go around and have each student tell you how they sorted. Write the different ways on the board. For duplicates, begin making tallies.
  6. Refer to the list (some students should have mentioned that they sorted by the number of sides). Point out the number of sides/angles as the sorting rule.
  7. Tell students that all of the figures with four sides and four angles belong to the same family. That family is the “Quadrilateral” family.
  8. Explain that quadrilaterals is a family of 4 sided plane figures.
  9. Also tell them about the different types of quadrilaterals.
  10. Have the students to fold their paper in half and to draw a line down the middle of the paper. On one half of the paper, write the word “Quadrilaterals”. On the other half of the paper write the words “Not Quadrilaterals.” Let them sort with this given rule.
  11. Have students draw each of shapes on the correct side of the paper.
  12. When all of the students have drawn on their papers, ask them if they can recognise any of the special quadrilaterals and if they can name them.
  13. Next the teacher can show them the geogebra file and formally introduce the naming of quadrilaterals.
  • Developmental Questions:
  1. What type of figures are these ?
  2. What are plane figures ?
  3. Name the parts of the figures ?
  4. What are polygons ?
  5. Are all figures the same ?
  6. What differences do you notice in the figures.
  7. By which parameter are you sorting ?
  • Evaluation
  1. What do all of your quadrilaterals have in common?
  2. Why did you put the hexagon on this half of the page?
  3. Can you combine simple shapes to make different quadrilaterals?
  • Question Corner

Colour the quadrilaterals in this home and try naming them.(Done by Naveen kumar of hassan)