Introduction to solid figures

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Group activity for children to explore different dimensions in solids.


To explore solid figures

Estimated Time

1 hour

Prerequisites/Instructions, prior preparations, if any

The whole class will be divided into groups and each pupil will be assigned a different name and fir each group there are team leaders as given below

Materials/ Resources needed

Non digital: Different types of 3D figures - Models of Cylinder ,cone ,pyramid. Sphere also the flash cards of the models

Process (How to do the activity)

Teacher will make the groups of pupil as follows

  • Group-1=cylinder
  • Group-2=Prism
  • Group-3=pyramid
  • Group-4=cone
  • Group-5=sphere
  1. Group-1=cylinder

In this group,each child will be given a name concerned to cylinder ie

say for pupil-1=solid cylinder

  • pupil-2=Hallow cylinder
  • pupil-3=solid cylinder without base
  • pupil-4=solid cylinder without top
  • pupil-5=solid cylinder without top and base
  • Pupil-6=Hallow cylinder without base
  • pupil-7=Hallow cylinder without top
  • pupil-8=Hallow cylinder without top and base

In this group p1 and p2 are team leaders

  • p3,p4,p5 belongs to p1
  • p6,p7,p8 belongs to p2
  • p1 and p2 will be given 3 flashcards each having their respective diagrams as mentioned above

say a flash card having (Hallow cylinder without top) will be given to the team leader p2, he then will give it to p7

Now p7 will come and present his matter that he has collected with the help of p2


Likewise the whole process continued for different groups

Developmental Questions:

There will also be a debate of intergroups and intragroups in this process each team leader will be given the set of questions to ask for the other group


  1. What is the difference between hallow and solid figures?
  2. IS cylinder a pyramid?
  3. What is the difference between cone and pyramid?
  4. How can you make the frustum of cone?
  5. Draw a cone of hemispherical top

Question corner:

  1. List the different types of 2D FIGURES also give the examples that u comeacross in your daily life
  2. List the different types of 3D FIGURES also give the examples that u comeacross in your daily life