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Background for the KOER III workshop - Mathematics : Feb 13-15


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STF training process and outcomes

The STF state training programme was conducted from the months of July - September to create digital learning resources relating to class IX (where new text books were introduced during 2013-14) , in a participatory way with practising teachers and teacher educators. The resource persons from this programme have contributed to the creation of curricular materials for Class 9 topics on the wiki portal as well as trained other teachers in the district. Two groups of teachers have been trained as resource persons in the state level programme (i) for creating resources on the web site and uploading and editing on the wiki (5 + 3 days) and (ii) for training teachers on the various skills needed for resource creation (6 days).

The following have been the outcomes

  1. Creation of curricular resources, with many activities in about 20 topics of Class 9 in mathematics, science and social science
  2. A core group of 90 resource persons covering mathematics, science and social science, including DIET faculty have been trained in resource creation and web-based content creation
  3. A further 90 resource persons mathematics, science and social science have been trained in the access and use of KOER to contribute; both groups of RPs have further trained teachers in the districts
  4. Many teachers across districts have been contributing resources to the wiki portal

Next steps in the resource creation process:

  1. Review of the resources and materials being shared by district teachers and resource persons across the state
  2. Review of the resource portal , and refinement based on experience and feedback from the district workshop
  3. Development of benchmarks and processes for contribution, review and upload
  4. Sharing of experiences from the district workshops to help improve the design of technology integrated in-service teacher training programmes
  5. Ideate on the training needs and processes for the 2014-15 academic year

Proposed workshop - duration and structure

A third workshop is proposed for a core group of teachers across mathematics, science and social science to develop ideas and contribute to the next steps in the resource creation process. It is proposed to conduct a 3-day resource workshop to reflect on the outcomes so far and to make plans for the next steps identified above. This core group will continue to work through the next year for this resource creation and curation.


  1. The Case of Geogebra
  2. The use of Geogebra in teaching A level mathematics
  3. Presentation on Gudugu Pakshi
  4. Download Thunder bird handout