Local Self Government

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Brief introduction to the topic

The concept of local government in India is very old. Many ancient kingdoms of India gave importance to the growth of local self government. Local self government provided a link between the government and the masses. This is an important chapter as students get to understand governance at the grassroots level



This chapter is titled "Local Government" and is the 4th chapter the political science section of the Social Science textbook(Grade 8)

Additional References

How the topic is discussed in NCERT Books


This chapter is explained in detail in the NCERT book and students are encouraged to read it to gain more information about all topics covered in this chapter.

Useful websites


This resource gives us more information on local self government in India with statistics.


This resource explains how panchayats work in a simple manner.


This resource gives historical context including relevant provisions and cases in Indian law.1.


1.Students can collect information on the reservation in local bodies.

2. Students should be encouraged to make flow charts depicting the hierarchy of local self government in India. This would also help them with their examinations.