Modelling Digestive system

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  • To understand the functions of different organs in the digestive system
  • To model the digestive process using everyday materials

Materials required:

  • Ziplock bags
  • Biscuits
  • Orange/lemon juice
  • Tissue/ newspaper

Reference links

  1. Digestion process explanation in Kannada
  2. Digestion process demo:
  3. Digestion process demo:
  4. Digestion system model:


  1. Carry out a class discussion centered around the following questions:
    • Have you ever thought about what happens to food in your body after you put it in your mouth? How does the Vitamin A in carrots travel to your eyes?
    • Name some of the important organs (or parts of the body) that are involved in digesting food?
  2. Replicating the functions of different organs in the digestive process: The demonstration may be carried out by the facilitator or have students perform the procedure in groups (see reference link 2 or 3)
    • (Mouth) Place 2-3 biscuits inside a Ziplock bag and mash with your fingers.
    • (Stomach) Place this bag inside another Ziplock bag with orange juice in it and continue kneading the bag until the mixture is all liquid to represent the muscular action of the stomach.
    • (Small Intestine) Demonstrate absorption of the liquid by a long piece of long paper as against a long sheet of paper folded in a square to compare the absorption capacity of both.
    • (Large Intestine) Place some oatmeal in the package and absorb all liquid at this stage and then the solid waste left is removed from the system.
  3. After the activity, show the video and ask students to illustrate the human digestive system with the help of a diagram & elaborate the process & function of each pa

Pedagogic Principles

  1. Using modeling to demonstrate


  1. Checklist for assessment
Sl No Criteria for Evaluation Yes/No
1 Able to skillfully use the available materials to create models
2 Able to identify similarities between what they have created and the actual functioning
3 Able to clearly explain the structure and function of digestive system
4 Able to come up with why and how questions relating to digestive system
5 Able to suggest improvisation of the materials in order to replicate the real process