Module-7-External Factors of Risks-Part-1

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In the previous sessions Kishoris have discussed about nutrition and how food affects their body. In this they will discuss in the groups what are all the external facts of risk and vulnerabilities that they may face in their day to day lives.

Facilitator - Anusha

Co-Facilitator - Aparna, Karthihk, Shreyas


1. In the last session Kishoris have agreed to eat mid day meal.

2. Craft teacher will be there in the classroom.

3. Classroom is very small and there isn’t enough space in the class room to make Kishoris move around.

4. Rapport has been built with the Kishoris.

5. It is difficult to show any video in the classroom as the infrastructure available is not feasible for our usage.

6. Few Kishoris have started to speak up.

7. We can't start a new topic which will take longer time to complete as we may get only 2 more classes. We need to continue our conversation from nutrition.

8. We have completed internal physical risks due to dietary habits. May be we can look at external risks that Kishoris may face.

9. Facilitating in group is not possible as there is limited space.


Understanding Kishoris' idea of external risks.


Greet the Kishoris. Establish norms. Enquire about who have had the mid day meal in the school. Distribute the sticker to Kishoris who had mid day meal. 10 minutes

8 groups are made by the team itself (7 Kishoris in each group). 5 minutes

Explanation of group activity and distributing the resources to do the activity. 5 minutes

We will give a chart to each group. Please look at the picture or the drawing in the chart.

Please write about the problems/ issues that you face in these spaces.  Discuss in the group and write down. It cannot be general issues like traffic, pollution, water.. It should be personal problem.

E.g. Bus conductors don't allow school children on bus as they have bus pass

Bus conductor stomps your foot purposely in the bus while you are standing

Group activity is done with each facilitator with 2 groups. 15 minutes

Collecting the materials and concluding the activity. 5 minutes

Materials Required

No. of Facilitators - 4

One main facilitator, 4 facilitators including main facilitator.

Resources Required

• Stickers

• 8 pre-drawn charts for group activity

•  Sketch pen

• glue

• Camera


• 8 pre-drawn charts for group activity


• Points written by Kishoris