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Multi-institution offering on the same Moodle installation

Is there an option other than using course categories?

See iomad can we install iomad to help each institution feel as if it is own Moodle installation?

Challenges - User Interface

Moodle App - Kannada interface and other issues

Moodle App has to support m-lang interface. Moodle App to support other functionalities supported on desktop

Moodle Module Name Works on Laptop Works on Moodle app in phone
Attendance Yes No
Checklist Yes No
Database Yes No
Feedback Forum Yes No
IMS content package No No
Interactive Content Yes No
Lesson Yes No
Questionnaire Yes No
Workshop Resources Yes No
Assignment Yes Yes
Book Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes
Choice Yes Yes
External Tool Yes Yes
File Yes Yes
Folder Yes Yes
Glossary Yes Yes
Label Yes Yes
Page Yes Yes
Quiz Yes Yes
SCORM package Yes Yes
Survey Yes Yes
URL Yes Yes
Wiki Yes Yes

Integration of Moodle Calendar with Google and Thunderbird Calendar

Setting events in Moodle calendar should trigger alerts in Google and Thunderbird Calendar

Home page look

We are using the two column theme , so blocks can be either left or right but not on both side - but there are several other customization this theme allows like adding slide show to front page and provides adding many blocks in grids as shown in these screen shots of theme page -

Challenges - functionality

Further exploration

Files for common access across courses

Can I store files/resources in Moodle in a way that I can access them from multiple courses (workaround - upload file in KOER and provide link in Moodle).

Yes, this is possible. There is a need to label the files in a meaningful way, so that when we want to add a resource, we can select it from the server, instead of uploading from our computer.

Reply to moodle post email will post on forum

Right now this is not the case as you will get "reply-to" header with a unique address to reply to forum posts via email.

First this needs to be enabled here - and configured with correct mail server values to handle incoming mails with mailbox in moodle at this place -

Then moodle will send email from the no-reply address but not the email of the forum poster and each user will be provided with reply-to address when they click to reply to a forum post via email for which some default expiry period can be set

Y - There are lot of variables here and needs some testing before I can enable this feature considering it will use the same server resources which are used by regular mail server..

Converting an Edx course to Moodle

Check list on progress of student in course

1. Can it be changed to reflect progress like - (i) understand (ii) somewhat (iii) don't understand. Yes/ No - they may all say yes 2.

In Edx kind of platforms, we have a progress bar- so can we break down the assignment question as completed PDL, completed concept map,etc...and they check only what they have completed - and it shows the progress completion? Even in each of these items, % completion will be useful to show. One of the good students said "if we have finished we say yes,other wise we come back and say Yes when we finish". This may not be the best for their own self-tracking

Y - Progress bar and % completion is possible with the existing checklist activity. Additionally as a teacher, you can comment on individual student's items.

We should test this in the new course planned to be migrated.

Automatic assessment

How can I configure so that I can set quizzes, collate participation in discussion forums, check views of resources to automatically assess a learner. (as can be done in EdEx). Need to explore assessment module in Moodle and check support to grading

How to set up blocks, which blocks to set up

Challenges - performance

How many students can enrol in a course in Moodle? Beyond which number will performance degrade


  1. Kannada Moodle fully available now
  2. Multi-institution offering on the same Moodle installation, solved using course categories - Vijaya Teachers college, RIESI courses onthe same platform. Once logged in, you can only see courses you are linked to.
  3. Course naming convention closed out, so that MY COURSES pull down is easy to read/understand. Naming convention includes ORGANIZATION OFFERING COURSE + YEAR + COURSE SHORT NAME + ACADEMIC YEAR. eg CET-18-ICT-2016-18 Sem 3 or RIESI-PGDELT-2018 or VTC-B.Ed-ICT-2017-19 Sem 1
  4. Files upload in Kannada and English can we use mlang? - we can, but file will appear in both language interfaces
  5. Sections interface (like EdEx) is available in course configuration
  6. Usual keyboard short cuts work - listed here -
  7. MAIL settings for a post - can be set at overall site level and also at forum level (while site setting is 'daily digest , full mail', we will need 'each posting to be mailed' setting for faculty only forums. Through EDIT Settings while inside the forum

For the VTC course, we are opening it out to  teacher educators of other BEd colleges in Bengaluru. We need to have an email id for interested teacher educators to mail interest... or this can be a (moodle?) form.

I create a form within moodle use of plugin like this to create forms for anon users -

or we can also simply make a google form of what data we want to collect and give the link to same on our moodle frontpage. But why separate email id? we can provide [[1]] if we want them to contact us.. (ENROL OPTION AVAILABLE IN MOODLE TO ENROL FOR A COURSE. TO EXPLORE) - may be needed for RIESI-PDGELT