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This Unit contains information on sports through the lives of people. It also contains an introductory extract from Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography on the importance of physical training. A poem by P.G. Wodehouse titled Missed also relates to the same topic and an excerpt from Kapil Dev's autobiography.

An autobiography is a self written account by a person. Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography is known as 'My Experiments with Truth'. This link: provides a glimpse into his life.


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In a nutshell Kapildev Ramlal Nikhanj was India's greatest fast bowler, their greatest fast-bowling allrounder, and led the team to one of India's finest triumph: the 1983 World Cup title. For more information on his life please refer to:

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Transacting the text

Most sports require a certain kind of body to be able to use the equipment required to participate in sports. However, human bodies are not all the same. Some people are differently abled, which means a permanent or temporary impairment in functioning. This can be present since birth or it can be due to an accident that a person has been in.

Over many years, the field of sports has accepted this fact and has been holding events such as [Special Olympics].

Language skills



1. Color the map as follows: Blue-water, Red-fire station, Orange-library, Yellow-schools, Green-parks, Pink-city hall, Purple-hospital, Brown-community center.
2. Draw a green "X" at the intersection of Oak Street and 2nd Avenue. Draw a black "X" where River Street meets Cat Bridge. Draw a blue "X" at the address 180 River St.
3. In red, draw a short street route from City High School to the City Library.
4. Which is farther east, the elementary or middle school? _____________________
5. Which is farther south, Lake Park or City Park? _____________________
6. How far (in miles) is it from the bus station to the hospital? _____________________
7. Which school's address is 250 Oak Street? _____________________
8. What city building is located at E3? _____________________
9. When you look northeast, you see River Park. When you look north, you see the Water Plant. When you look east, you see the Elementary School. Where are you?


Additional activity - Draw a map of your school and mark different points on the map such as, staffroom, classrooms, laboratories etc.

Grammar usage

For more information on Primary Auxillaries:


You have just learnt to play a new sport. You have been practicing the sport daily to become good in it. Write a diary entry explaining - how did you get interested in this sport? how do you practice for it? who do you play with?

Additional Resources

For more information on Kapil Dev visit Kapil Dev on Sachin Tendulkar:

Suggested readings provided in the text are available online. Some books which are easily available can be found at the following links:

My Experiments with Truth

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank