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Stories are powerful and effective. They are also available in plenty - identify local stories, folk stories etc. In addition non-fiction audio resources can be quite thought provoking and creativity enhancing for older students.

The very process of creating a resource can help the students think more deeply about an issue or a topic and develop their own perspectives and thinking. Supporting students to do this in a team/group / collaborative manner also helps them to understand diverse perspectives / views on any issue.

The non-fiction topics can also be connected to other topics/subjects students are already engaging with. Some examples are given here

A conversation between two historical figures:

  1. Historical context/event - such as
    1. between Onakke Obbava and her husband after her bravery
  2. Historical event but in a contemporary context
    1. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhiji discussing the social issues of today
    2. Sarojini Naidu and your Panchayat President on gender issues in your village
  3. Recording of an event - conversations amongst participants
    1. Panchayat meeting
    2. Hotel - arguments between customers and waiter
    3. Hospital - discussion between Nurse and patient
    4. Court - arguments between prosecution and defence lawyers, cross-examination of witnesses
    5. Bank - customer requesting for a loan
  4. Recording of imaginary conversations between two or more (other than human beings) - on contemoporary issues
    1. Hybrid plant discussing its happy and sad state with its cousin which is not hybrid
    2. Corona virus and Dengue virus and Aedes Egypti musquito
    3. School bench and black board