Paper Folding Activity- Lines and Angles

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Estimated Time

Prerequisites/Instructions, prior preparations, if any

Materials/ Resources needed

Process (How to do the activity)

  1. Measurements – length, angles. Point has no dimension. Line segment has a finite length; rotating lines to make angles. Measuring angles. (2 periods).
  2. Line by itself...making a line; part of a line (on a playground, graph sheet, geogebra). Is there a thing called distance between two lines?
  3. Parallel lines (emphasise uniform perpendicular distance) (2 periods)
  4. Pairs of angles (rotation, complementary and supplementary angles as geometric constructs, why Z-angles and F-angles are equal) -through have children put angles together to make 90, 180 degrees (3 periods). Introduce acute and obtuse.
  5. Through observing angles, observe properties of lines (eg, when angle pairs are observed what can you say about the lines forming them)
  6. Intersecting lines (3 lines cover an area called a triangle; 4 lines cover a quadrilateral)

Evaluation at the end of the activity