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Some interesting exchanges from the STF mailing forum.

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Square root of a number

The squre root of whole number is always less than the that square number ( ex; sqare root of 25 is 5, 36 is 6 etc) but in decimal it is reverse (ex; sqare root 0.8 is o.89) what is the reason? Shared by Suchetha SS, GHS Thyamagondulu.

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CarMetal is a Geogebra like free software

A description of another graphic tool like Geogebra. Shared by Tharanath Achar, GPUC Belthangady.

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Math teaser about an arithmetic progression

P th term of an AP is Q and Q th term of an AP is P . Then find PQ th term ?....Shared by Mallikarjun Sudi, GHS Yelheri and Sneha Titus, APU. [Read More]

Pi Day

Which day is Pi Day? [Find out]

Trigonometry using Geogebra

Basics of Trigonometry using Geogebra, lesson shared by Radha Narve, GHS Begur. Click [here] to read more.