Scale drawing - Part 1

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This activity explores representation of actual distances on paper using proportional distances.  


  • Representing actual distances on paper using proportional distances.
  • Understanding meaning of scale

Estimated Time

1 hour

Prerequisites/Instructions, prior preparations, if any

  • Skill of measuring and tabulating accurately.
  • Knowledge of ratio and proportions.

Materials/ Resources needed

Non digital : Scale, pencil, graph paper.

Process (How to do the activity)

  1. This activity can be done in groups by grouping 3 students in each.
  2. The students should measure distances of library, dinning hall, principal's room, entrance gate, playground etc from their class room using a measuring tape in metres.
  3. The teacher can mark reference points for each and explain to the students.
  4. The students should accurately measure and note down.
  5. After coming to the classroom let the teacher tabulate all distances on the blackboard.
  6. Next ask the students to represent their observation of distances by drawing their school model on paper.
  7. Ask them how will they go about it so that the distances are represented proportionately.
  8. The teacher can then elicit from the students that a proper equivalent unit has to be used for the purpose.
  9. After this activity she can spell out the term scale and discuss about the blue print of a house, mapping distances, atlas maps, model constructions and so on.
  10. This activity can be done to introduce the students to the concept of scale drawing.
  • Developmental Questions
  1. What did you measure ?
  2. What measuring instrument did you select ? Why ?
  3. What was your reading ?
  4. which unit do you use ?
  • Evaluation
  1. Were the students able to comprehend which measuring instrument should be used for particular items ?
  2. Were they taking measurements accurately ?
  3. Were they able to document their observations appropriately in a tabular form ?
  • Question Corner
  1. Discuss the applications of scale drawing ?
  2. What is a scale factor ?