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Scratch is a visual programming tool that can be used for introducing programming to students. Using command blocks, external inputs as well as operators and variables, Scratch can also be used to build animations, tell short stories and games. It is a creative and interactive learning platform where user can create interactive prpjects and share those projects with the online community. More than 6 million projects have been shared until now on various subjects. To try out the offline editor of Scratch in Edubuntu, download it from here

The concept map below describes some possiblew ways in which Scratch can be used in different subject areas to build applications.


Additional Useful Links for Scratch


Course Outline

Lesson 1 - Making the sprite move

Lesson 2 -Combining inputs to animate the sprite

Lesson 3 - Making two sprites interact

Lesson 4 - Adding conditions to make the Sprite do things

Lesson 5 - Defining variables and using operators to build a simulation

Lesson 6 - Making a project in Scratch

Scratch Lesson template

Please use this as an initial outline; create lesson pages separately and then you can delete this

  • Objectives
  • Demonstration activities by teacher in class
  • Student hands-on activities
  • Assessment ideas/ portfolio