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==Karnataka English Textbook Topics==
!Class VIII
!Class IX
!Class X
|[[Class VIII : First Language|First Language]]
|[[Class IX : First Language|First Language]]
|[[Class X : First Language|First Language]]
|[[Class VIII : Second Language|Second Language]]
|[[Class IX : Second Language|Second Language]]
|[[Class X : Second Language|Second Language]]
|[[Class VIII : Third Language|Third Language]]
|[[Class IX : Third Language|Third Language]]
|[[Class X : Third Language|Third Language]]
# [[Class 8 First language]]
# [[Class 8 Second language]]
# [[Class 8 Third language]]<br>
# '''Reference Topics''' {| class="wikitable"|-|[ Somebodys Mother]|[ My Beginnings]|-|[ Work is Worship]|[ Busy Bee]|[ A day in the Ashrama]|-|[ A magician with the ball]|[ Coromandel Fishers]|[ God Moves in a Mysterious Way]|-|} [['''Class 9 First languageVIII Topics | Class VIII Topics''']]# {| class="wikitable"|-|[ A DAY IN THE ASHRAM]|[Class 9 Second language CHARACTER OF A HAPPY LIFE]|-|[ SIR C.V.RAMAN]|[ THE LITTLE BUSY BEE]|-|[ JAMAICAN FRAGMENT]|[ NO MEN ARE FOREIGN]|-|[ THE BOY WHO ASKED FOR MORE]|[ FOR A FIVE YEAR OLD BOY]|-|[ THE SWAN AND THE PRINCES]|[’S_MOTHER SOMEBODY’S MOTHER]|-|[ ALL THE WORLD HER STAGE]|[ COROMANDEL FISHERS]|-|[’S_NEW_CLOTHES THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES]|[ MACHINE]|-|[ LUTHER BURBANK]|[ AXE IN THE WOOD]|-|[ SOME TIPS ON PHONETICS]# |[’S_SPEAK COME LET’S SPEAK]|-|[Class 9 Third language SOME LANGUGE GAMES]|[ LITTLE MORE INFORMATION]|-|}

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